Welcome Home!



Our church is a place where people come to make a connection with Christ – experiencing the presence of the Savior first hand.  As our faith grows, we become disciples and go into the world to make a difference in our community – just as Jesus would if he were here.  We invite you to join our faith community!

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Do you have a prayer Request?

Call the office at (970) 667-4381 or email your request to


For our visitors . . .

We welcome visitors and make every attempt to make your visits with us as pleasant, interesting, and fulfilling as possible.  Our goal is to provide a worship experience that will help you feel a sense of connection to God and we offer a wide variety of educational and fellowship opportunities to help you along your journey of faith.  We offer formal and contemporary services, are handicapped accessible and provide child care during our services.  We hope to see you soon!

For all of us . . .

Each of us are at a different place on our path to having the relationship with God that we all desire.  Spiritual growth happens in three ways.  First, we make the pursuit of a relationship with God our top priority; this happens when we become very intentional in worshiping with others.  Second, when we decide that we will learn all we can about the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Bible, and how we can grow in our faith through study;  these steps can be called in-depth faith development. And third, by becoming disciples and going into the world to make a difference in our community, we are demonstrating faith in action.

Intentional worship, in-depth learning, and faith in action . . . three steps that complete a circle of faith growth and development.  God calls all of us to follow Him, to become as Christ-like as we can and to further our relationship with Him. We invite you to continue the journey with our church!