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The Little Free Pantry 

During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Loveland resident Sharon Shuster Anhorn filled a wooden cabinet in front of her Garfield Avenue home with nonperishable food and invited neighbors to take what they needed. Her effort became known as “Loveland's Little Free Pantry." The pantry quickly gained a social media following. The Loveland Community kept the pantry well stocked for those in need. 

By 2021, the pantry had become a little bit more than the octogenarian Sharon could handle. So she reached out to the Mission Team at Trinity UMC. The Little Free Pantry was relocated to Trinity's property on Nov. 1, 2021, where it's notoriety and use only grew. To date, the pantry has been upgraded several times. The most recent was done by TUMC member, Bob Troendly, in November 2022. As a part of this upgrade, a new, larger, insulated pantry took to the place of the smaller units. Brighter outside lighting was also installed and signage put in.


Due to forces beyond our control, the Pantry has ceased outside food distribution as of 10/1/23. It has not closed. Please bear with us will we reorient the ministry to better meet the needs of the Loveland Community.


More details will be available soon. For updated information or to ask questions, please visit Friends of the Pantry Loveland Facebook page or contact the Church Office.

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