Our Worship Gatherings

Here at Trinity Church, we have two Sunday worship experiences. Both are traditional in nature but have vastly different formats:  (Please note, our current worship schedule has been affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic. For more info, click here)

8:00a - "The Way" Service

(From Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend) Located in TUMC's Chapel, this service harkens back to some of our Christianity's earliest known practices. This history is reflected in our gathering's name. Before Christ's followers were known as Christians, we were referred as “the Way” (see Acts 9:2; 11:26). When worshiping, these early believers would gather in a small venue, perhaps a house or other building. There they would enjoy fellowship, pray together, sing hymns, have conversation about the day's scripture, and end by sharing the Lord's Supper. Our "Way" service emulates these elements. The gathering is small (about 10-15 people). Those who gather enjoy a deeply immersive experience. We sing, we pray, we engage in a conversational sermon and end with the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Join us! If you've ever wanted to interact in worship or wrestle with the Bible with a like-minded group of people. This service is for you. 

10:00a - Classic Worship

At 10:00 we offer our main, traditional worship service in our sanctuary. It is filled with responsive readings, beautifully poetic music from the hymnal, an energetic children’s sermon, and a 20-25 minute sermon. Pastor Bryson tends to preach in series, so each sermon usually adheres to a long running thematic topic. Communion is served the first Sunday of every month, and we often have special music from a variety of talented musicians in the area.

Special Services

Throughout the year, we have several special worship services. In particular, we will have them during the liturgical seasons of Advent (right before Christmas) or Lent (right before Easter). Please check the church calendar for dates, times and types of services! Or sign up for our info emails to learn more.